Mailing List Services

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We are a leading resource for target mailing list purchasing and data management.

Automate Mailing has provided targeted mailing lists for over 20 years. We specialize in providing the highest quality mailing lists and supply online tools for list selection, counts and ordering. Our professionals stay focused on the needs of specific audiences and use tools to track and record your responses.

Don't settle for cheap lists that provide lower quality data, we guarantee our lists to be premium and hold up to any comparison. The end result is more qualified leads and more effective campaigns. We pool our lists from industry leaders who yield higher responses and represent the highest level of accuracy and quality available.

  • Mailing Lists

    Whatever your list target, from family members to experienced professionals, we have you covered. Our data services provide accurate list data for any type of need. We can customize the date however you wish even in ways that you never thought of.

    We can usually provide counts within a day or two and utilize sources that can access over 200 million individuals with demographic information as well as behaviors.

  • Targeted Lists

    We use advanced technology to produce our targeted lists. We have lots of options at our disposal to provide lists that target ONLY the areas that you want targeted.

    We use polygon mapping, drive time and multi location radius technology to refine your data and produce lists of the highest quality. Our lists are pulled from the leaders in consumer information such as Excelsior and Acxcom data to deliver premium selects.

  • National Change of Address

    Every year, millions of Americans move their place of residence and/or business but their old addresses usually remain unchanged in countless mailer's databases. As a result, it is very common that mail continues to go to their old address rather than the new one.

    Our NCOA (National Change of Address) system makes available the address changes that can reduce the amount of undeliverable mail you might encounter. By utilizing this system, addressing errors are indentified and corrected before they reach the mail.

  • Address Corrections

    Our process for checking addresses is called CASS. This provides a standarization of addresses and checks for errors in the address such as transposed numbers, incorrect zip codes and street names as well as validating the address against national databases.

    We can also apply carrier route coding to increase the efficiency of the postal carrier and provide the lowest possible discount for presorted mail.

  • Duplicate Checking

    Part of our process includes checking the lists for duplicate names or addresses. Our software can be adjusted to check for data that is exact, near exact, or even soundex which will verify data that sounds alike.

    This will further reduce the amount of erroronous and wasted mail resulting in lower costs and higher returns on your mailing campaign.

  • Custom Options

    Our list selections can even be modified to include information on gender, phone numbers, email addresses and much more!

    There are so many ways that you lists can be formlated with different options. Please contact us directly for custom options for your targeted mailing list purchases.