About Our Services

We are a full service, fully automated, direct mail facility

For over 20 years, Phil Keely and Automate Mailing have provided clients with cost-effective solutions for their printing and advertising needs.

Founded in 1992 by Phil Keely, Automate mailing is the premier direct mail marketing provider in the Sacramento area. We have worked hard to offer clients a chance to target their prospective customers with greater accuracy and improved returns. With years of experience in the business, our staff has the skills and resources to help you get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Contact us today and let us show you how to generate new business, build customer loyalty, establish relationships and of course.. increase sales!

  • Data Services

      Variable Data Management
      Multiple Fields / Sources
      Hand Matching
      Technical Data Manipulation
  • Mailing Services

      Bulk Rate Processing
      Postcard Mailers
      Mailing List Mangement
      Fullfillment Services
      Kiting Services
  • Printing Services

      Variable Data Printing
      Digital Printing
      Offset Printing
      Color / BW Copies
      FTP Uploading
  • List Services

      NCOA - National Change of Address
      CASS - Address Corrections
      Duplicate Checking
      Email / Phone Appending
      Carrier Route Walk Sequence
  • Design Services

      Graphic Design
      Print Design
      Custom Designs
      Branding Solutions
  • Campaign Services

      Print Mail Campaigns
      Direct Mail Postcards
      Customized Mailers
      Consumer Response Forms
      Retirement and Account Statements

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a range of information that may assist you in your marketing efforts and provide a platform for additional conversations

How can I receive a quote?

When we send quotes, we take great care to consider the information that we provide, we attempt to consider any issues that our experience has shown might come up. Especially the wording and assumptions in the "Specs" area. Things like "endicia preprinted" "data is domestic only" and such.

Depending on the specs of the job, these "assumptions" will change and will relate to issues pertinent to those specs. It is our desire and effort to help you catch things so they don't become issues later.

What kind of turnaround times can you provide?

Most of our work is performed on a 2 day clock*. From the point we have both the data and material we WILL have your mail to the post office within 2 working days. We also provide status updates early on in our processes, these are generally sent right after the data processing, once we know the totals and before we actually begin processing.

These are an important part of our quality control systems and it gives you a clear picture of what the services are and what the charges will be. These allow you a final chance to catch any issues that we may have missed or that you weren't aware of.

What are your pricing options?

As to the general service charges that will be on every job, we always charge two setups - 1 charge for data processing and 1 charge for production. These charges are 25.00 ea.

For the data processing we always do the following - data cleanup (excessive data cleanup charges are rare but if we received say 10 lists, all formatted differently, and we had to spend excessive time in cleanup, then we would have additional charges - it happens about once every 100 jobs.), we then CASS certify (verify deliverability of the address), de-dupe/merge purge, NCOA if required and presort for best postal rates.

All of these processes are recorded, data with issues are saved and reports are provided to you/client. We are very communicative in regards to data issues. We do not proceed with work when we are unclear of directions or when issues arise, we will contact you or (for brokers), if you wish and only if you wish, your client immediately.

How do you like to receive files?

We recommend that you send us proofs of any piece that will be mailed and let us check for postal/mailing requirements and determine its machine-ability. We often are able to catch errors or provide suggestions that are helpful.