Commercial Printing Services

Variable Data Printing, Digital Printing, Offset Printing

Automate Mailing has merged with PrintMation to give you the best in high quality commercial printing.

Our experience in the printing industry has provided us with a vast network of resources for providing you with quality printed products to meet your marketing needs. So whether you need 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces, we are dedicated to fulfilling your printing needs at the highest possible quality and competitive prices.

When you need printing services in the Sacramento area, Automate has over 20 years and over a million pages produced. Our clients are provided status updates that allow them to get a clear picture of their services and what their charges might be. Our standard turn-around time is 2 days although some jobs require more lead time.

We are proud of our reputation both in the business community and especially with our own competitors.

  • Variable Data Printing

    Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to personalize your piece with information that changes with each individual piece. Change names, addresses, account information, graphics, you name it! Our Variable Data services can create a stronger message which will increase your response rate and improve the results of your mailing campaign.

      • Customized Mailers
      • Consumer Response Forms
      • Retirement and Account Statements
      • Billing Forms
      • Customized Graphics
  • Digital Printing

    Digital jobs can be turned around in a matter of days and it's perfect when you only need 10, or even 200 copies of a brochure. At these quantities, digital is definitely the best choice and the cost is lower. The only downside is that you're limited in your choices for paper, ink and finishes.

      • Shorter turnaround.
      • Every print is the same.
      • More accurate counts, less waste and fewer variations.
      • Digital print can use variable data.
      • Text and graphics can be changed on each piece
      • Lower per unit costs for very small print runs
  • Offset Printing

    Offset is the traditional or conventional printing method which uses ink and plates and can take advantage of various qualities of paper in different sizes. You can specify 1 color, 2 color or 4 color inks and you have the option of film coatings or even varnishes.

      • High Image Quality.
      • Works on a wide range of printing surfaces.
      • The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.
      • Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs.
      • Uses computer-to-plate systems, further increasing quality.
  • Booklet Making

    Automate has helped our customers create the most bold and creative booklets for over 10 years. We offer such options as die cutting, shape cutting, custom coatings, perferation and more.

    We can also add custom options such as saddle stitching up to 21 sheets. Our booklets have one of the fastest turn arounds in the business and can be trimmed to specifications. Automate will be sure to stay within your budget and will always use our expertise to guide you when necessary.

  • Folding

    At Automate, we are experts at standard and custom folds for brand materials. We can create brochures with multiple folds to display a variety of services and products in great detail.We can even simplify things with a bi-fold design that gets right to the point.

    Our gate fold services use a z-fold (6 panel) or even an accordion fold (8 panel) to incorporate designs that utilize the entire sheet of paper. Some designs require even more customized folds such as map folds or french folds or even the standard tri fold to get your message across.

  • Perferation / Scoring

    If you need high quality perferation, scoring or even die cuts, we can help! Simple perferation is the process of making a line of holes in to facilitate separation. Often this is used to create a Business Reply Card where one half of the card will be torn off and mailed back to the mailer. It can also be used for tickets, forms, custom jobs, you name it!

    A score is used to put a crease in paper to help it fold better. We can do off-line scoring and folding or perferate for coupons or tickets. If you require more custom services such as micro perfing or numbering we can do those as well.

  • Color / Black & White Copies

    Automate provides a wide range of digital copying needs. Whatever the size job you have, whether its black and white or color, small format or oversize document reproduction, we have the expertise and equipment to complete your job.

  • Die Cuts / Custom Cutting

    Are you looking for a way for your product to "stand out"? Our die cut services can set your piece apart from the competition. We can do rounded or even custom cuts from the simplest to the most complex of cuts. We can accomidate a variety of sizes and paper types to customize your piece.

  • Envelope / Brochure Tabbing

    Automate provides tabbing services for folded documents to insert into envelopes. This service is mandatory for certain types of folded brochures depending on the location of the folded or bound edge. We can also do clear or matte tabs or even apply live stamps.